If you are packing your bag for a wonderful vacation in Da Nang then you want to check the best time to visit the city. The beautiful city stays romantic throughout the year but the weather condition varies quite a bit. The best time to visit the city is between April to August. 

Apart from these months you will experience rain which may ruin your vacation mood. Most people look to avoid rain water just because it restricts them to see different places. Hence April to August would be the perfect time to visit Da Nang. Sunny bright days are perfect for a beach visit. During this time you can enjoy the wide stretched beaches.

It rains seriously during rainy season. You may have to stay in a hotel if you are here in the rainy season. Even when you visit the city in June don’t forget the umbrella as you may encounter little rain. Many affordable hotels are here along side the costal area of Da Nang. You can book a place near the beach so that you can arrive at the seashore quickly. People here at Da Nang love different foods. Don’t forget to enjoy delicious Vietnamese during your stay.

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