Surrounded by pine forest and mountains Dalat is one of the beautiful places in Vietnam. The weather condition stays good for tourists most of the time here at Dalat. However the best time to visit the place would be between November to April.

This is the dry season in Dalat. In the dry season days are sunny but the nights are cool. Dalat is a perfect place for people who are looking to hide from the scorching sun. The temperature stays between 54 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees, which is perfect for any couple.

Couples here can see love valley and lots of tourist places for fun. Even if you are in the dry season don’t forget to carry an umbrella because you may experience slight drizzle. Normally the place is cool and not windy. You will hardly experience any storm here even in the rainy season. Dalat has a reputation of being a romantic place. If you are newly married then you can enjoy your time here with your partner.

Motorbiking is one of the popular activities here. You can hire a cycle and ride through the city to experience the local culture closely. There are many resorts for tourist where you can spend time peacefully with your loved ones.

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