The weather of the Hanoi is very pleasing. As you, know that Hanoi is located on the tropic of cancer. Therefore, it is natural that it experiences four types of climate like the spring, autumn, summer, and winter. If you want to visit, you should take a look of each season. Well the spring is again the best time for the lovebirds, because it is time when the birds chatter and nature gives a feeling of tranquil.

However, the summer experiences a temperature of 32 degree Celsius; therefore, it is difficult to visit in the summer because it is marked by heavy showers. The best of the best times to visit the place is during autumn. No doubt, you can even plan for your honeymoon out here because of its dry, chilling breeze and pleasant weather. In fact, the romantic ambience of the air will make you feel that love is in the air.

Now peeping into the months of the winter it is noteworthy that the temperature is 17 degree Celsius sometimes, the thermometer shows a decreasing red line, which touches 10 degree Celsius. The weather here is cold enough, so that it is better to have bundles of warm apparels. Therefore, note down you travelling freaks autumn is the best time.

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