Hue is one of the tourist destinations in Vietnam which attracts tourists round the globe because of its genial climate. Peaceful and calm city of Hue is best during the dry season. The city has two seasons, dry and wet. The period of December to June is the dry time and July to Novermber is the wet season. Throughout the dry season humidity stays low making the environment comfortable and pleasant.

However during the wet season the weather stays gloomy and uncomfortable. Often rain makes the condition worse for vacation. Streets fill with rain water making it hard to travel in the city. There are many tourist spots in Hue that can be visited in the dry season. Throughout the year the weather stays cool and comfortable except few months. If you want to hide from the sun and heat, then Hue could be the best place where you can relax and enjoy the peaceful time away from busy city life.

Places like Imperial city, Minh Mang tomb, Thien Mu Pagoda, Thanh-Toan Bridge, Forbidden City and others are popular here and tourist come here to see these spots. For your convenience you can hire a cycle or motorbike to rove around in the city. The best time to see the city is in the month of April, however you can pick any month of the dry season to come here to enjoy your vacation.

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