The significance of the place is its humidity and the city has high humidity throughout the year and it ranges from 80% to 90% on an average. The temperature is moderate and the average temperature through the year is about twenty four degree centigrade, thus it is a place where you can visit at any time of the year. It has a typical tropical monsoon climate with rainfall all the year round but since huge storms are not a common site then you can visit the place anytime you want. But if you do not want to send the holiday seeing and enjoying the interiors of the place only due to rain the best time for you to visit Ninh Binh can be between Novembers to April of a new year.

You can visit it in the other months also but from November to April there is practically negligible rainfall thus you can enjoy the dry spell of nature with the natural beauties and sceneries as well. Since, the temperature is moderate throughout the year thus it does not matter which month you are visiting the beautiful place you do not need heavy clothes to be packed with you. Thus, make a plan and enjoy a lot with family and friends.

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