Now you might be pondering to know the best times when you can saunter the place, well then you have to go through the weather data in detail prior to visiting. First, you should know that the entire season is actually divided into two parts one is the wet and the other is the dry. The months ranging from November to the month of May is marked as the season of May while the wet season ranges from June to October.

If you plan to visit then make sure that, you are there in midway between November to April. One thing you should know that the months ranging from February to May is little bit itching, but the mesmerizing view would not make you melancholy rather you enchant the song of love. Many of you like to feel the drizzles and play with raindrops, then the best time is from June to August. Within this time, you would see that people carrying long raincoats .Moreover, cities are crowded with heads wrapped under the umbrella. One more thing you should note that the rain falls cats and dogs, but it did not last for long. This indeed will open the door for you to make best shopping.

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