You can of course choose your time to visit the place of Sapa but it is advisable that you visit the place of the beautiful rocky mountains from the month of September to November again you can also visit the place from March to May. These are the best times to visit the place because at this time not only the weather is dry and there is no rain but the weather is somewhat stabilized and the temperature is also moderate as compared to the other months of the year.

Not only the climate of the place during the best of its time calls you but also the sceneries all around you, the mountains, the valleys, and the rocks everything brings you close to the hunger of nature. Sapa even provides the tourists with excellent cuisines and not only the place offers you some Vietnam special dishes but also provides you with various kinds of food which you will just love to have. The market of the place is absolutely perfect and in other words it is a complete package of enjoyment for the tourists.

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