Hanoi Weather conditions       2/19/18 7:30 AM ICT
AM Showers 20°C Hi 20°C | Lo 18°C Fog
  • Feels Like: 20°C
  • Sunrise: 6:24 AM
  • Wind: SE at 11kmph
  • Sunset: 5:57 PM
  • Humidity: 94%
  • UV Index: 0 - Low
Cloudy Cloudy
Humidity 89%
Wind SE 14 kmph
AM Clouds Lo 21°C | Hi 27°C
AM Clouds
Tuesday, 20 Feb
AM Clouds Lo 21°C | Hi 27°C
AM Clouds
Tuesday, 20 Feb Night      
Showers Late Showers Late
Humidity 87%
Wind SE 17 kmph
Wednesday, 21 Feb
AM Showers Lo 17°C | Hi 24°C
AM Showers
Wednesday, 21 Feb Night      
Showers Showers
Humidity 85%
Wind ESE 14 kmph
Thursday, 22 Feb
T-Storms Lo 14°C | Hi 18°C
Thursday, 22 Feb Night      
Showers Early Showers Early
Humidity 66%
Wind NE 16 kmph
Friday, 23 Feb
Cloudy Lo 15°C | Hi 18°C
Friday, 23 Feb Night      
Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy
Humidity 78%
Wind NE 8 kmph
Saturday, 24 Feb
AM Clouds Lo 17°C | Hi 23°C
AM Clouds
Saturday, 24 Feb Night      
Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy
Humidity 86%
Wind ESE 11 kmph
Sunday, 25 Feb
Cloudy Lo 18°C | Hi 24°C
Sunday, 25 Feb Night      
Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy
Humidity 84%
Wind ESE 9 kmph
Monday, 26 Feb
P Cloudy Lo 19°C | Hi 26°C
P Cloudy
Monday, 26 Feb Night      
Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy
Humidity 83%
Wind SE 14 kmph
Tuesday, 27 Feb
Cloudy Lo 20°C | Hi 26°C
Tuesday, 27 Feb Night      
Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy
Humidity 83%
Wind SE 16 kmph

Hanoi Weather - Vietnam

Hanoi weather: Being part of a tropical country, Hanoi’s weather is typically characterised by tropical monsoon that transitions between dry and wet seasons throughout the year. Hot summers are characterised by high density rainfall while winters are cold and dry. The sun shines with high intensity resulting in humid weather throughout the year. The wet season starts in January and lasts till September. The dry season begins in October until April. However, in the middle of these months, Hanoi people enjoy the perks of all four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter.


Information weather in Hanoi

Spring - In Hanoi, the start of spring is marked by blooming colorful flowers, less humidity and light showers. The season starts in February and continues till April. On an average, city’s temperature varies between 15 degrees to 20 degree Celsius. Spring brings in mild cool days, not so hot and not so dry. With new plants growing and adding colors to the city, spring is the recommended season for the travelers to join the locals in the celebrations of the most awaited festival of the year – The Annual Tet New Year Festival.

Summer - As summer approaches in May, temperature of the capital rises above 30 degree Celsius. On an average, it rises to maximum 32 degrees Celsius during the day and reduces to 18 degree Celsius at night. The summer gets hotter in July and continues till August. In recent years, humidity levels have also increased. Hence, people perspire more during the day in the sweltering sun but by evening they are seen carrying raincoats and umbrellas to avoid getting damp in heavy rains and thunderstorm.

Autumn - By the middle of September, temperatures fall down resulting in less humidity. This is when autumn starts. The temperatures fall to typically 25 degree Celsius. The mild sunshine, cool winds with leaves falling off the trees makes the ambience of Hanoi charming and pleasant. The temperature further decreases in October and autumn comes to an end by the end of November. The tenure of autumn in Hanoi is though short, it makes the best time for the travelers to visit the romantic city and witness the transition of seasons and appreciate the true beauty of nature.

Winters - Winters in Hanoi begins in December and continues until the end of February. Temperatures fluctuate between 17 degrees to 10 degrees Celsius on an average. December and January are the coldest months of the season with temperature falling below 10 degrees Celsius. Chilly winds add to the severity of the winter season so jackets and socks are a must to carry to keep you warm in the city.

Situated in the northern region of Vietnam, Hanoi is said to be one of the heavenly places and most romantic cities in Asia. It is a city which has its origins of more than thousand years ago when people made settlements near the Red river bank. It is built around rivers and lakes with a two dozen of lakes only. That is why, it is also known as the city of lakes. In the recent years, Hanoi has evolved as a modern metropolitan city with rapid construction of skyscrapers and business centers resulting in increase in its size as well as population.

The city is a blend of ancient history, rich culture and modern architectural metropolis center with the most tourist attractions than any city of Vietnam. All sightseeing locations are in close proximity to each other making it easier to visit multiple places in a day. Museums, pagodas and lakes are found commonly in the city. Hoan Kiem Lake is the most famous lake of Hanoi. At dusk, the lake is worth visiting. Young are found cycling and taking tai chi sessions while old people play chess around the lake. Tran Quoc Pagoda is one of the most ancient pagodas and regarded as a must-see place when visiting Hanoi. Ly Quoc Su Pagoda, Saint Joseph Cathedral, Bat Trang Pottery Village, Hanoi Opera House, Hanoi Ancient House at 87 Ma May Street, Vietnam Women’s Museum, Van Phuc Silk Village, Hanoi Flag Tower and Long Bien Bridge are some of the few places of interest that are foremost in the list of any visitor to Hanoi.

Written By Aisha Malik

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