Average temp

19 C degree


No rainfall

Overall weather condition

Still feel the chilling cold


It is said that March is the ideal time to visit Vietnam as it offers the dry along with the bright weather condition to the visitors. In Ha Giang you can enjoy plenty of sunshine and also expect to experience the clear blue and beautiful sky which will attract the attention of every visitor. It can also be the best time to trek and therefore, it will definitely attract the adventure lovers. The highlands and the mountains are the attractive places that attract the trek lovers.

In the month of March you will also experience there is the rise in the temperature, but still you will feel the coldness of the breeze and there is little or no rainfall in this region. The average temperature in the Province of Ha Giang may reach 19°C which proves that the temperature is continuously rising and the atmosphere is becoming warmer. Temperatures witnessed in the mountains are quite higher at this time of the year.

Weather Forecast Ha Giang Vietnam

Wednesday, 21

Max: 29°C

Min: 17°C

Thursday, 22



Max: 18°C

Min: 13°C

Friday, 23



Max: 18°C

Min: 12°C

March Weather Averages for Ha Giang

Highest temperature -18 °C / °F
Coldest temperature -18 °C / °F
Max Humidity %
Avg Humidity 0%
Min Humidity %
Max Wind speed mph
Min Wind speed mph

March Weather Summary for Ha Giang

Max Avg Min Sum
Max Temperature -18 °C / °F -18 °C / 0 °F -18 °C / °F
Mean Temperature -18 °C / °F -18 °C / 0 °F -18 °C / °F
Min Temperature -18 °C / °F -18 °C / 0 °F -18 °C / °F
Dew Point
Dew Point -18 °C / °F -18 °C / 0 °F -18 °C / °F
Precipitation 0 in 0 in 0 in in
Wind Speed mph 0 mph 0 mph
Other Information
Humidity % 0 % %
Visibility miles 0 miles miles

Ha Giang Weather in March Calendar

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Ha Giang Weather by Month