Average High Temperature

15 C degree

Average Low Temperature

8 C degree




80 mm

Rainy days

6 days


December is the month which marks the end of the year and also marks the middle of the winter season of Sapa. The special point of the winter season is that the weather is quite dry and the winds are on the cooler and chillers’ side. The temperature is low and the average temperature is twelve degree centigrade. The lowest temperature recorded is about eight degrees centigrade and the highest temperature recorded in the month of May is fifteen degree centigrade. The sunshine is showered at a constant rate of four hours as the last few months. December is the month which lacks moisture or humidity in the air and only delivers with six days of rainfall.

Thus, plan a trip to Sapa and take into account the weather conditions of the place depending on for which month you are planning a trip. Plan it first and then after executing it, you will just reach heaven where you will be treated with marvellous sceneries and the sun kissed rocks are the ones you will fall in love with. Sometimes in Sapa you can even see an oasis since the valley is guarded upon by the mountains. Thus visit Sapa and have fun.

Weather Forecast Sa Pa Vietnam

Wednesday, 21

Max: 24°C

Min: 18°C

Thursday, 22



Max: 21°C

Min: 15°C

Friday, 23

M Cloudy

M Cloudy

Max: 18°C

Min: 15°C

December Weather Averages for Sa Pa

Highest temperature -18 °C / °F
Coldest temperature -18 °C / °F
Max Humidity %
Avg Humidity 0%
Min Humidity %
Max Wind speed mph
Min Wind speed mph

December Weather Summary for Sa Pa

Max Avg Min Sum
Max Temperature -18 °C / °F -18 °C / 0 °F -18 °C / °F
Mean Temperature -18 °C / °F -18 °C / 0 °F -18 °C / °F
Min Temperature -18 °C / °F -18 °C / 0 °F -18 °C / °F
Dew Point
Dew Point -18 °C / °F -18 °C / 0 °F -18 °C / °F
Precipitation 0 in 0 in 0 in in
Wind Speed mph 0 mph 0 mph
Other Information
Humidity % 0 % %
Visibility miles 0 miles miles

Sa Pa Weather in December Calendar

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