Average High Temperature

17 C degree

Average Low Temperature

11 C degree




90 mm

Rainy days

9 days


November is the start or the advent of the winter season of the year in the Sapa region. There is a huge drop in temperature from the previous months; the average temperature of Sapa is about fourteen degree centigrade which is very much on the lower side. Again, the lowest temperature even recorded is about eleven degree centigrade and the highest is about seventeen degree centigrade. Thus, the temperature is very soothing and so is the weather due to the lack of humidity and precipitation. Visitors will not get sunshine for a prolonged period but they will get four hours of sunshine daily which is quite good. The weather is dry and the rainfall is negligible. Due to the lack of rain you might feel pretty comfortable about going out as a tourist and trying out different stuffs such as adventurous sports, trekking etc. Thus, visit Sapa in this month and have a gala time.

Weather Forecast Sa Pa Vietnam

Friday, 24

Max: 12°C

Min: 12°C

Saturday, 25



Max: 17°C

Min: 14°C

Sunday, 26

P Cloudy

P Cloudy

Max: 22°C

Min: 14°C

November Weather Averages for Sa Pa

Highest temperature -18 °C / °F
Coldest temperature -18 °C / °F
Max Humidity %
Avg Humidity 0%
Min Humidity %
Max Wind speed mph
Min Wind speed mph

November Weather Summary for Sa Pa

Max Avg Min Sum
Max Temperature -18 °C / °F -18 °C / 0 °F -18 °C / °F
Mean Temperature -18 °C / °F -18 °C / 0 °F -18 °C / °F
Min Temperature -18 °C / °F -18 °C / 0 °F -18 °C / °F
Dew Point
Dew Point -18 °C / °F -18 °C / 0 °F -18 °C / °F
Precipitation 0 in 0 in 0 in in
Wind Speed mph 0 mph 0 mph
Other Information
Humidity % 0 % %
Visibility miles 0 miles miles

Sa Pa Weather in November Calendar

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