February is the month of celebration for the natives of Vietnam. Thus because of this reason this month’s tourists availability is low. The temperature though remains in its perfect condition but the Vietnamese New Year celebration provides fewer chances for travellers to explore around. The mountains of the north are still cold with lowest avg. temperature of 17°C while as we move further north the temperature still falls down to around 10°C which makes nights foggy and colder to bear. The total opposite south is expecting good weather conditions during this month with avg. temperature remaining around 25°C and clear skies, plenty of sunshine with little or no rainfall. The central Vietnam has returned back to its charm once again. The temperature has become moderate with lesser chances of rainfall. Places like Nha Trang have temperature range between 22-25°C while the rainfall is minimum at 5.6mm. 

Vietnam Weather in February Temperature

The Vietnamese New Year commonly known as Tet Festival is the most enthusiastic celebration in Vietnam. This sacred festival generally occurs sometime late between late January and early February, depending on Lunar Calendar. People often start preparing 2-3 weeks before the arrival of festival. The shops and streets are busiest during this time with people walking around buying necessities for their home and gifts for their guests and children seen walking dressed in traditional Vietnamese clothes. This pleasant sight is pleasing when watched from a distance and it becomes a complete new adventure when a stranger gets to live it. Though it is advised for travellers to not visit during Tet festival as all shops are generally closed as people flog to their homes to celebrate and even some famous tourists’ attractions are also inactive. If you personally know a family there then nothing can be more satisfying than this. 
In Hanoi, people has a saying during this festival that “spring has arrived” to remark the festival. The temperature also resonates with the exuberance within the natives. The weather here is becoming little warmer but mists is still a frequent site here thus the temperature ranges between 14-20°C. Thus tourists have a chance to experience the traditional food and cultures of Vietnam, enjoy the weather with the streets filled with warm smiling faces and the fragrance of fresh flowers across every corner in almost every shop. To utilize it as an advantage during the main days of Tet the streets are generally empty such that travellers can easily walk in silence with camera in hand and views to capture all around. 
In Ho Chi Minh City, Tet is celebrated with equal zest and the people are seen walking with their families laughing, giggling and bubbling in the festive mood. The weather in February is generally warm and dry with relative humidity of 70% and a least to 1 day of precipitation if any. To talk about specifics, tourists visiting the city during this time should walk their legs into the special event of flower displays in District 1. Indulging yourself with a family at this time can be more fun than expected when you walk with kids playing games and having mindless talks about the festival. Followed by this there are chances that travellers might come across the great Doorshows where people can be seen performing with drums, concerts, magic trick, dragon dance, music, classical music, and puppet shows etc. 
The dry season has started in the regions of Central Vietnam with moderate temperature of 20-25°C while the humidity has lowered down and also the warm sunshine helps the people to sunbath on the beaches of Cua Dai, Phu Quoc etc. Though Nha trang has a higher temperature range during this month such that people are expecting for better conditions and for travellers the city is engrossed in the preparation of Tet. The far mountains moving towards north are still cold and foggy during the night while mists during the mornings are mere warnings to not go there often. Meanwhile south is experiencing quite a natural and peaceful environment. The sunshine blazes on the streets and the people are blooming with the imagination of how special this month will turn out to be,

Vietnam Weather of top cities in February

City Name Temperature (° C) Humidity (%) Wind Speed (mph) Precip (inch)
Max Avg Min Max Avg Min Max Avg Min
Hanoi 29 19 11 100 80 37 18 12 3 0.00
Ho Chi Minh City 35 27 19 94 62 21 15 13 3 0.00
Da Nang 30 23 16 100 81 46 16 11 2 0.01
Hue 33 22 14 100 86 49 50 13 3 0.06
Da lat 31 25 18 100 73 48 25 16 3 0.00
Ha Long Bay 29 19 11 100 80 37 18 12 3 0.00
Nha Trang 30 24 18 91 70 45 20 14 3 0.00
Ninh Binh 29 19 11 100 80 37 18 12 3 0.00
Phu Quoc 32 26 20 100 69 33 50 15 5 0.00
Can Tho 33 26 19 100 66 35 17 11 3 0.00

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