In the month of January, the north is at the height of winter season with avg. temperature falling down to 17°C while in the mountain ranges the avg. temperature even falls to below 10°C. Undoubtedly, January is the coldest month when the freezing winds and morning mists cover the streets of Hanoi making the avg. temperature to fall between 17°C-21°C while the rain is least to none. On the contrary this give chances to people being attracted to hot beverages like noodles, hot pots and roasted dishes. This time period the city is hustling in the preparations for Tet thus the chances increase in price hike is high and the whole city is covered in festive climate. Thus carrying an extra baggage is necessary because the nights here are even colder with avg. temperature and humidity at 9°C and 70% respectively. To distance yourself from this hustle bustle go across the roads till 160 km to find yourself in Mai Chau district. The lowest temperature can fall to 12°C while its uniqueness lies in its serenity. A one day trip here will be sufficient while the tribal villages and rice terraces of Sa pa is lovable sight. The highlands are stacked with rice making Vietnam the second best seller of rice. During this time discover the traditional culture of people in their clothing, language, taste in music and food and most of all their peaceful nature. The people here have natural spark in their eyes which travellers find intimidating.
Any travel to a place requires a pre-research on that place. It is due to the fact that one wants to experience the best out of that place at the right time. Timing matters tons. Visiting Vietnam one might decipher that you would always find at least one place worth exploring on unplanned occasions. Similarly in the month of January or other months Vietnam and yet its extraordinary topography renders it a diversity in climate throughout the year ranging from north to south. From the top either choose to wander in the rice field or mixing with traditional people and knowing about their lives or else fan out in the cities of south, seek the lesser known in the war museums, artistic sculptures and their stories or lay on your back under the sunlight with clean water and freshness all around.
The South is calling out for being at its best weather conditions. The Ho Chi Minh City is said to have the most pleasant weather during this time of the year. The upcoming Tet holidays are welcomed by the tropical spring as temperature varies between 22°C-30°C. The rainy days are at minimum down to 26 mm of precipitation for this month while humidity stays around 70%. Travelling to the city at this time is beneficial for travellers as they can wander through some big markets like Ben Thanh market preparing for the upcoming event. Besides, the Nguyen Hue flower Street and other dozens flower markets are available for tourists and one can purchase numerous kinds of tropical flowers. While Phu Quoc at this of year is busiest and one needs to travel with all the arrangements done before hand. The avg. temperature is around 25°C while the average humidity is 72% which makes this place ideal for travellers. In Phu Quoc, visit the long Beach or the Thoi Islands or scan through the Dinh Cau Night market serving excellent taste at affordable prices surrounded by best atmosphere or else capture the beauty of Suoi Tranh located in ham Ninh Mountain carrying small streams flowing in the cool gentle forests. The beauty here is breath taking and leads to long hours spent in its silence alone.
Overall the month of January have diversity in climate as well the people from distinctive regions. The central Vietnam is improving its conditions as its approaching the end of rainy season and the second half of the month is more pleasant here with avg. temperature 25°C. While the Northern far mountains have immense cold days with avg. temperature falling down to 7°C but the conditions in the south are at their best with low humidity (avg. temperature: 26°C). 

Vietnam Weather of top cities in January

City Name Temperature (° C) Humidity (%) Wind Speed (mph) Precip (inch)
Max Avg Min Max Avg Min Max Avg Min
Hanoi 27 18 9 100 76 25 18 12 4 0.00
Ho Chi Minh City 33 27 18 94 66 26 15 10 3 0.00
Da Nang 28 22 15 98 76 39 20 12 2 0.02
Hue 29 20 13 100 86 39 90 16 2 0.04
Da lat 30 24 17 94 71 42 28 19 4 0.00
Ha Long Bay 27 18 9 100 76 25 18 12 4 0.00
Nha Trang 28 23 17 92 66 36 22 16 4 0.02
Ninh Binh 27 18 9 100 76 25 18 12 4 0.00
Phu Quoc 31 26 19 94 65 26 64 16 3 0.00
Can Tho 31 26 20 100 69 42 14 9 2 0.00

Vietnam Weather by Month