Month of March is one sacred month when the whole area from the alpha and omega of Vietnam has synchronized weather. The bright sunlight and clear skies are pleasant sight wherever you are headed. The weather is at balance and thus nature is at balance. This comes out to be due to various reasons occurring in North, South and Central Vietnam. The weather in the northern Vietnam has crossed its stage of incalculable change in weather so you can expect plenty of sunshine and clear skies with little to no rainfall with an average temperature of 20°C. Although the temperature can be higher in South Vietnam with an average temperature of 29°C while the central Vietnam are in fuller summery mode with standard temperature on those beaches.
The reason that region of Sa pa has gained a lot of popularity is due to its simplicity and peace it renders from its scenic beauty and the uncomplicated natives of the district. Its geographical location at 1650 m above sea level entrails the world’s best natural landscape. Thus during this month the avg. temperature is between 11°C-15°C with an average precipitation of about 100mm. Though the humidity hikes up to 81% but the weather remains bearable due to low temperature. March is a good time to visit the Hoang Lien Mountains mostly covered by dense clouds which is better off seen during a clear warm day.
The Perfume Pagoda festival generally lies in the month of March when people make offerings for luck and a better year ahead. As a curious case this festival is held in this place for young people to find their love and begin a new life. The complex structure of perfume pagoda has Den Trinh Sanctuary meaning Sanctuary of the Presentation, Thien Tru Pagoda meaning the Kitchen of the Sky and Huong Tich Cave meaning Cave of Perfume. Some tourists might complain about the crowd during the festival visit but for those who find solace in capturing locals having their own little fun should visit in early march. It is a quick bus ride from Hanoi and the temperature is adequate thus you can carry your lighter clothing with you. The highest the temperature can go is 23°C while the precipitation is less likely to be around 50mm. during this month the tourists enjoy the calm and serene weather and are more likely to spend their time outside but they should be careful pertaining to the illness caused due to change in weather.
Ho Chi Minh City in the month of March welcomes the warm sunlight with a slightly higher avg. temperature of about 28°C as compared to the North. The Days are hot and thus the humidity is on an avg. of 70%. According to this tourists are advised to take correct measures to protect themselves from heat. This weather is among the best to visit Ho Chi Minh City and ride through famous destinations like the enlightening Opera House, Notre Dame Cathedral and walk in the peaceful Botanical parks of Thao Cam Vien.
The area of Central Vietnam  are experiencing their best days in terms of weather when the heavy rainfall has subsided and clear skies have taken its place turning the avg. temperature to around 27°. Nha Trang though experiences a slight rise in the high temperature but still maintains an average of 25°C. During this time tourists find themselves booking for the most wonderful diving journey they have ever had. Hon Mun being on the top of the list offers a number of dive sites like Small hill, South Reef and Moray Beach and other sports like floating bars and glass bottom tours.
Overall, the temperature remains around constant during this month averaging from 20°C-30°C in the whole of Vietnam. The popular sites also vary with the weather when tourists are planning their visit. Thus a proper survey of weather is required to make the most out of the visit. This month is preferred for travelling as the beauty of whole Vietnam can be encountered at the same time unlike the difference created in other months.

Vietnam Weather of top cities in March

City Name Temperature (° C) Humidity (%) Wind Speed (mph) Precip (inch)
Max Avg Min Max Avg Min Max Avg Min
Hanoi 30 20 15 100 89 53 21 12 3 0.00
Ho Chi Minh City 36 29 23 83 62 25 15 13 6 0.00
Da Nang 30 26 22 100 82 51 16 12 2 0.04
Hue 36 24 -18 100 79 0 16 10 0 0.00
Da lat 34 27 20 94 74 34 39 16 3 0.00
Ha Long Bay 30 21 15 100 88 53 21 13 3 0.00
Nha Trang 31 26 22 86 68 42 20 12 3 0.00
Ninh Binh 30 21 15 100 88 53 21 13 3 0.00
Phu Quoc 33 28 22 94 68 39 20 13 5 0.00
Can Tho 34 28 21 100 64 34 16 11 3 0.00

Vietnam Weather by Month