Vietnam weather In September: in the far mountains of north the wet season is about to end marking the commencement of dry season. The rainfall expected is lesser than usual in the northern region as we are heading more towards the end of September. Thus this factor makes the North Vietnam suitable for trekking, camping, bon fire under the night sky full of stars. The average temp falls to around 28°C. While in the center region the place experiences a change from dry to rainy season in this month. The starting of the month experiences heavy rainfall and stormy weather. Thus one also needs to prepare for any tycoon or flood that might attack the place. Apart from that a person who loves to sun bath should definitely visit the central Vietnam in this month to fulfill their desire with a bottle of sun screen and shades. In the south the wet season is seen to last from May to early November making the avg. temp range from 25-35°C. Thus whole of Vietnam is divided from top to bottom in terms of weather and one requires separate destinations planned according to the weather.

Vietnam is known in ancient history by the name of ‘land of ascending dragons’. One will find stone sculptures of dragons made years ago and wondering what led to the origin of this name. Well, it was believed according to a myth that Vietnamese people are the descendants of dragons and fairies. This concept explains the heavy rainfall that is seen through the year spread from North to South Vietnam. For the local people dragons bring rain which is essential for agriculture which signifies the power of the nation as a whole. Though dragons are rare but their remains still reside in the hearts and places of Vietnam.

To visit Vietnam one need not be particular about what time of year they should visit. Travel to any part of Vietnam at any time of year is possible. Vietnam experiences tropical as well as temperate climate. Thus the weather varies significantly from one place to another. There might be snowy mountains in the north while sunny afternoon spent at beach in south. This extreme nature is only possible in Vietnam thus it highly likely to never stop yourself from travelling the land of ascending dragons.

Travel tips to visit Vietnam in September

  • At this time tourists generally have chances to enjoy the ecstasy of Vietnam Mid-Autumn festival held on 15th day of the 8th lunar month.  You will see that people in Vietnam travel with only their family and children are seen wearing face marks, carrying lanterns and enjoying moon cakes. A tourist who is interested in understanding the local folk should specifically visit the festival.
  • Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, is known for its preserved rich culture and savored centuries-old architecture but in the month of September this place vibrates in the hearts of lovers. The little things combine and create an aura of romance all around. The place looks vibrant when leaves change their color, fresh fragrance of milk flowers and the feeling of warm sunlight up above with cool breeze touching your skin. As the humidity reaches its maximum at 100 while at some days it even falls down to 40 while the temperature ranges between 23°C-34°C. Tourists visiting in this month can care carelessly and watch the lovers bask in each other’s love when the wind speed is between 2(min.)-12(avg.)mph. Nature has its own way to your soul.
  • Sapa located in the northern region, during this month in neither dry nor wet thus makes it a perfect time to visit. The average temperature range for the whole month stays between 17°C-30°C and frequently cloudy with few showers of rain. Thus keep your summer dresses ready when visiting the city of Lao Cai in the month of September. On a rainy day one can enjoy the beauty of terraced rice fields from a certain height as there are approximately 13 wet days in the month of September so catch your due on time. Walking the streets of ‘Love markets’ in Sapa one can enjoy the fresh air and never regret the decision they made of visiting this place. On sunny days the level of discomfort would be moderate with 70% humidity in morning which reduces to 63% humidity in evening. The mornings start with you surrounded by fog up in the ‘Cloud Yards’ and the rest of the day are followed by series of events exploring the place.
  • Hoi An, located in the center is generally warmer in this month but this place allures you with the beauty of people nurturing their daily life following ancient cultures and customs. Visiting this place can be harder for people who are allergic to mostly sunny days as the temperature ranges from 25°C-35°C keeping the humidity around 70% and low rainfall. Though this place is exquisite for people of night time as the sunset is around 5:50pm. The streets are mostly quiet and peaceful and best for the people who like it away from the crowd. One can visit the Cua Dai Beach or explore the walls and roofs of traditional houses, pagodas, halls and museums. At night of the full moon the streets are lit with lanterns as people gather on the street to shimmer the town and watch them sparkle in the sky.
  • In the far south the beaches of Phu Quoc is famous for its exquisite beauty making it the largest island in Vietnam. The white-sand beaches are a lovable site for tourists who like to spend their holiday in silence surrounded by elements of nature. The place is very well known tourist attraction but still is seen to maintain its beauty at all cost. Visiting in the month of September you can dive in its waters on a sunny afternoon, walk for endless hours or opting for adventures of scuba diving in the coral reefs. These sports would become necessary as the temperature averages between 25°C-30°C while humidity in this month is around 79% due to the heavy rainfall for approximately 20 days in this month. End the day and your appetite with delicious sea food and enjoy the scenic beauty of the nature gifted place.
  • Hue is a city in central Vietnam which is cool and sunny in this month with an average tenperture 25°C. Thus at this time a city tour is a must paradise cave and Phong Nha cave. The central region has only rainy or dry season throughout the year which makes the average temperature to stay at 28°C. In September Hoi An has frequent down pours which occurs suddenly and can also result into typhoon. During this month it is advisable to visit the famous Museum of trade Ceramics and Sa Huynh Culture, Phung Hung house and Japanese covered bridge. While Sapa in the north never disappoints and it’s almost cool all the year round. The specialty of this place is exploring the local culture of hill tribe ethnic people.
On an average throughout the month of September the daytime average temperature goes up to 35°C while the night time temperature falls to 25°C. The average relative humidity is around 79% and thus combining both the comfort level can get a little obnoxious with sunstrokes and heat exhaustion. The average monthly precipitation is around 160 mm with the maximum sustained wind speed reaching up to 72 km/h in some places. Thus at this time of the year most of your hours would be spent in places abundant in beaches as staying up in water longer doesn’t seem uncomfortable.

Vietnam Weather of top cities in September

City Name Temperature (° C) Humidity (%) Wind Speed (mph) Precip (inch)
Max Avg Min Max Avg Min Max Avg Min
Hanoi 34 29 23 100 84 40 30 12 3 0.00
Ho Chi Minh City 35 28 23 94 77 47 25 16 3 0.00
Da Nang 37 29 23 100 75 40 22 12 2 0.06
Hue 39 28 22 100 77 38 16 11 3 0.04
Da lat 36 29 25 94 74 44 26 14 3 0.00
Ha Long Bay 34 29 23 100 84 40 30 12 3 0.00
Nha Trang 33 29 24 90 70 48 16 10 2 0.06
Ninh Binh 34 29 23 100 84 40 30 12 3 0.00
Phu Quoc 32 27 23 96 80 55 30 17 3 0.37
Can Tho 34 28 22 100 78 19 24 14 2 0.00

Vietnam Weather by Month